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Hair Chalking

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On the Mirror/ Mirror shoot I learned about this new temporary hair coloring technique using soft wax pastels ( like the crayon, not really chalk). It was so easy to get this cool dip-dyed look, that I tried it when I got home!

Here is how to get started-

The Rembrandt brand pastels work the best and have the most variety of colors.

Wear latex gloves ( your hands and manicure will be very colorful if you skip this step, I found this out the hard way).

Drape a towel around your neck and on the floor ( it can get a little messy).

Here are the steps to coloring your hair with pastels-

-Use a spray bottle filled with water to dampen small pieces of hair.

-Hold the stand of hair tight and rub on desired color of pastels to hair in a downward motion several times until the color catches.

-When satisfied with your colors-curl pieces of hair using a normal curling iron on low heat. If the wax gets on your iron it should wipe clean.

To remove the color completely, shampoo 2 to 3 times.


Model At Mirror/Mirror shoot

My best friend Julia, who bravely let me experiment on her locks.

My hair!

( a little harder to see because of my hair color but, still cool)

By the way! A short video of some of the hair stylists from the M/M shoot applying the pastels to the models hair is included under my videos tab if you need a more visual instruction-click here to check it out!




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