Wednesday, 30 May 2012 13:53

Tips for online shopping

I have always been a savy and safe online shopper because I follow these rules...

1. Only use sites that you are familiar with

If a website doesn't seem legit it probably isn't. I only use websites of name brand stores or sites like Also, don't be fooled by those websites claiming to have Louboutin's and Birkin bags at sale prices. You will receive "Kristen Louboutin's" in the mail, if you know what I mean.

2. Don't go crazy!

It is easy to get overwhelmed when shopping for items online and it easy to want to buy everything because it is all infront of you. I suggest making a budget and then adding desired items to your little shopping cart on what ever website you use. Then, review your items and delete the ones you don't really need until your budget is met.

3. Use PayPal

Paypal is an easy and secure way to shop online. Paypal accounts keep your credit card information secure and make it really fast and easy to order items.

4. Order Confirmations

When ever you order from a website make sure you recieve an order confirmation email. Confirmations give you shipping information and order information incase there is a problem.

5. Email

Websites tend to promotional emails along with ordering items and that can get annoying. Have a separate email for online orders.

Have fun shopping!!!




I am so excited right now because I just found out that my first ever styling segment for Mirror/Mirror will air tomorrow on the LiveWell Network!

Big thanks to Rebecca Spera and everyone at Mirror/Mirror for the amazing opportunity.

Click Here to see my segment on the LiveWell website


Click Here for LiveWell listings in your area


Sunday, 15 April 2012 15:52

Trend of the Moment: Breton Stripes

Coco Chanel introduced the striped look in 1917 after being inspired by sailors on the french coast.

The simple design is almost 100 years old, yet still in style.

If you are wanting to feel Parisian this spring pair a breton top with simple pair of flats.

Iconic is the best way to describe this look!


Then: Brigitte Bardot


Now: Olivia Palermo

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